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West Coast Swing dancing on the island of Oahu, in Honolulu, Hawaii!
Improve Your Dance

Do you want to improve your West Coast Swing Dancing? 

In addition to the mini West Coast Swing lessons offered before each of our West Coast Swing dances, West Coast Swing dance lessons are offered on Oahu by several dance teachers, and no dance partner is needed!


Swing Dance Club Hawaii does not get a kickback or compensation from any dance teachers or studios.  These names are only provided as an aid to assist others that might seek out West Coast Swing dance lessons on Oahu.

Here are a few options:

Greg Underwood... 

currently teaches the mini West Coast Swing classes before our WEST COAST SWING dances at the Palladium!

Greg Underwood gives private West Coast Swing lessons at:
Aloha Dancesport Center, 350 Ward Ave., Honolulu, HI 96814 on the 2nd floor

Across the street from Sport Authority (park at Sports Authority free)
Contact Greg: gunderwood27@gmail.com or phone (808) 208-9428

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Arthur Murray Honolulu

Arthur Murray Honolulu gives private West Coast Swing (and other dance) lessons,  and occasional West Coast Swing group lessons, at 700 Kapiolani Blvd.,Suite 115, Honolulu, HI 96813 on a cushioned dance floor.

Phone: (808) 944-0606

Website: dancinginhawaii.com

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If you’d like to see West Coast Swing dance moves performed
right on your computer screen you may enjoy:

Brian B's Move of the Week
:  Brian says, “Want great WCS videos sent straight to your inbox?   
I'll send you my 'move of the week' each week FREE!  Each week you will receive a easy 3 min recap of some great Intermediate/Advanced West Coast Swing moves to add to your collection. 
Periodically I will cover some 'hot topics' like styling, connection and musicality! 

Use this link to sign up! 

Here’s a link to Brian B's YouTube page!

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Michel Kiehm

Michael Kiehm
is a West Coast Swing dance instructor that has taught many workshops in Hawaii.

Here’s a link to Michael Kiehm's YouTube page. 

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